The Wheels Behind Dealerships: How Towing Services Keep Things Rolling


When you think of a car dealership, you likely picture shiny showrooms, rows of vehicles, and salespeople eager to make a deal. However, behind the scenes, a critical player often goes unnoticed: towing services. Dealerships rely on towing companies in various ways to keep their operations running smoothly. In this blog, we’ll explore how dealerships utilize towing services to ensure their wheels keep turning.

Transporting New Inventory

Dealerships constantly receive new inventory, whether it’s fresh-off-the-factory models or pre-owned vehicles. Towing services play a pivotal role in safely transporting these vehicles from distribution centers or auctions to the dealership. They ensure that the vehicles arrive in pristine condition, ready to be showcased on the showroom floor.

Emergency Retrieval

Vehicles, especially used ones, occasionally break down on the road during test drives or while being transported to the dealership. In such cases, towing services come to the rescue. They can swiftly retrieve the stranded vehicle, ensuring minimal disruption to the dealership’s operations and customer satisfaction.

Accident Recovery

Accidents can happen anywhere, including at or near a dealership. When a vehicle on the lot is involved in an accident, dealerships rely on towing services to safely remove the damaged vehicle from the premises. Towing professionals handle this delicate task, ensuring the scene is clear, and any potential hazards are mitigated.

Customer Assistance

Sometimes, customers may purchase vehicles from a dealership but encounter issues shortly after driving off the lot. In such situations, the dealership’s commitment to customer service shines through the use of towing services. If the problem can’t be resolved on-site, the dealership can arrange for towing, ensuring the vehicle returns for prompt service or repairs.

Fleet Maintenance

Many dealerships maintain a fleet of service vehicles for tasks like test drives, deliveries, or customer loaners. Towing services are invaluable for ensuring these vehicles are promptly transported to service centers for routine maintenance or repairs. This keeps the dealership’s fleet in optimal condition, ready to serve customers at a moment’s notice.

Overflow Parking

Dealerships often have limited on-site parking space, especially during busy periods or special events. Towing services assist by relocating vehicles to off-site storage or overflow lots, optimizing the dealership’s space for customers and inventory.


While it’s a less pleasant aspect of the business, dealerships occasionally need to repossess vehicles due to unpaid loans or leases. Towing services are enlisted to safely recover these vehicles in compliance with local laws and regulations.

A Reliable Partners Is the Answer!

The relationship between dealerships and towing services is often overlooked, but crucial to the automotive industry’s functionality. Towing companies like Morton’s Towing & Recovery serve as the dependable, behind-the-scenes support system that ensures vehicles are where they need to be, whether it’s for sales, service, or storage. Morton’s Towing & Recovery knows the importance of helping our dealerships run smoothly. Contact us today!

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